Still Hoping (For that ‘Wake Up Free’)

Still Hoping” (For that ‘Wake Up Free’) by Darrell Van Mastrigt 9/2/2020

“All of us on the inside are waiting and hoping for that day we can ‘Wake up Free’ again. We hope for that day we can wake up with our family and loved one by our side and at home. Those on the outside are waiting and hoping for the day when their loved ones wake up at home with them. We are all “Still Hoping to be free one day together!”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Panel 14” X 18”

[Image Description: This painting is composed of different shades of brown and has a warm and cozy feel and is primarily a close up of a person’s face. They are a Black person with hair in thin dread locks draping across their face with a brown eye peering through. They are cuddled up with an animal print blanket resting their head on the pillow. ]