The Eidolon Palm by M Raven

A bright painting in yellow, orange, black, and white. Several symmetrical areas of broad blank lines separate the colorful areas of the painting in a pattern. There are three large eyes across the top of the piece. In the middle of the piece there is an area with a textured hand with an eye at the end of each finger. Along the bottom of the piece there are several small eyes, and two plant-like objects. Bold waving and undulating lines surround much of the imagery in the piece.

The Eidolon Palm by M Raven

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 22.5 in X 17 in

Artist statement: “The Eidolon Palm” represents the human form of sight and guidance. The hand can be seen as a physical representation of what we can and cannot hold in our grasp; which sometimes includes vision. (future, present, or past). Our eyes are needed for vision. Both are depicted as spirit-images. Often, we use our hands; coupled with our eyes (eyesight) as we navigate our way through our life experiences. We also use these same hands to nurture, develop community, and cultivate interpersonal relationships. “This vision is held in the spiritual hand of the beholder.”

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