To Escape the Snare by Jen McCleary

To Escape the Snare by Jen McCleary

This is actually a re-working of an older piece from 2008, and was completed this year in June. The only original element that remains is the bird and some of the background. The original piece also had a line that the bird was escaping from, but I added many more elements and complexity. I was definitely influenced by all the overwhelming events of this year and wanted to represent how complicated social issues and interactions between humans can be, but also the universal desire for freedom and escaping from all the metaphorical snares that entangle us and bring us down.

Medium:  Mixed-media on canvas, 12″ x12″

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[Image description: The piece shows a variety of shapes and abstract images. The tones in the picture range from black to dark greens, blues, pinks, and reds. Triangles are carried throughout the bottom left of the image, with layered circles and other abstract shapes. From the top left of the painting, there is a light orange shape leading into a pink flower-like circle over a vibrant red portion of the background. On the right of the image, a white bird is flying over a black background with green accents.]

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