Tunnels by Dev Murphy

Tunnels by Dev Murphy
Medium: watercolor, india ink, gel pen

Size: 2 6.25″x8.5″ drawings framed in a 12.5″x15″ frame

Artist Statement: These illustrations are part of my ongoing series of alternative comics called “Tunnels.” The tunnels depicted each represent an instance of self-reflection (going inside the tunnel, or inside the self) and are captioned with liberating revelations or mantras—the results of self-exploration, time, and experience.  instagram.com/gytrashh  

Artist bio: instagram.com/gytrashh

Image Description: “Framed are two illustrations, one above the other. In the top image, there is a yellow tunnel, curving outward so that both entrances face the viewer. The left entrance is encircled by a blue star, with points on the star forming tiny crosses; the right entrance is the same, but red. On the face of the blue entrance are the words, “”I speak holy words”” and on the red entrance are the words, “”and unholy ones.”” A path coming in from the right side of the image forks, with one path going inside the blue entryway and one path going inside the red entryway. A small black doorway floats on the left side of the tunnel, about halfway up; a ladder extends from the doorway to the ground.

In the bottom image is another tunnel. This one bends backward in space so that both ends of the tunnel face the viewer. The left side of the tunnel is pale green and the right side is pale pink. The left and right ends of the tunnel are yellow and seem solid. A disembodied hand with a heart on it floats in the center of the left and right ends of the tunnel. On the left end of the tunnel is written, “”I give touch,”” and on the right end of the tunnel it says, “”and receive it.”” The tunnel is suspended on a black chasm, with a white staircase extending downward from the left end of the tunnel and another white staircase extending down from the right end. “