Unforgiveness by Madeline Moyta

Artist Name: Madeline Moyta
Title: Unforgiveness
Medium: Lino Block Print

When I chose to quote Cyd Berger and sketch her portrait, I had been mulling over statements for some time and found this particular one to help shed light on how in the world it could be that the state is still incarcerating people without proper re-evaluations;  for that matter, why prisons exist at all. Has not humanity come farther than that towards a greater understanding of the trials some face throughout the course of their lives? But the answer is clear. The bounds of an unforgiving society send human beings away to die because they do not understand the concept of forgiveness ; or the power of transformation, transfiguration. I think Cyd hit on a foundational problem and that beginning to discuss forgiveness further in all its difficult complexities could help others see what is really going on in this fight, a fight for those that are unduly, unmercilessly judged and barred. 

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[Image description: The piece is a linoleum print, a portrait of Cyd Berger. The defined linework structures her face, shoulders, and hair. Around the image are the words, “Unforgiveness keeps us stuck -Cyd Berger.”]