What’s Free by Kal-El Carey

What’s Free by Kal-El Carey

Medium: Acrylic on Canvasboard

Size: 15 x 30

Artist Statement: I am Kal-El. A Trans male, currently serving a life sentence in a state facility. I have been incarcerated for the past 16 years. Coincidentally, 3 years ago, I discovered a hidden talent. A friend handed me a brush and some paint to make a birthday card and I fell in love instantly. 

I had never drawn or painted anything so, when I realized that I could, it became an obsession. I started reading books and learning different technics. Painting gives me a happiness that I had never experienced before. 

I see color when I listen to music or feel emotions. I thought everyone had this ability. I never knew that I could put those colors on to a canvas and people could see what I was feeling that day. Sharing these feelings verbally is difficult. A painting, to me, is like telling someone when I’m sad, mad, etc..

It took a lot of encouragement from my peers and department staff (past and present) to embrace this gift and share it.I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. and have my regrets. Yet, my biggest, was not using what the Lord had blessed me with when I had the freedom to do it.

See more of Kal-El’s work on his website: z-coded.org