With feet firmly rooted in the soil

With feet firmly rooted in the soil by Em Atropa

Poisonous plants adorn this figure: Belladonna, Brugmansia, Datura, Amanita muscaria, Poison hemlock, Henbane, Elderberry, Foxglove, Poison ivy, Holly. We are taught to fear and kill misunderstood plants by pouring chemicals on them, eradicating them from the “safety” of our gardens. But poisonous plants have infinite gifts to share with us, only causing harm when they are mistreated or mishandled. Like those who are incarcerated, each of these uniquely beautiful and important plants deserve the space and compassion to be allowed to grow.

Media: ink, pencils, grease pencil

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[Image description: The piece depicts a woman of color amidst a background of greens, pinks, yellows, and oranges. There are flowers, plants, and small mushrooms surrounding her. She wears no clothes. She has one arm crossed over the top of her head and the other held out to the right and her hair blends into the plants in the background. She is kneeling with one leg crossed in the front and the other folded back. She has red nail polish on her toes. Surrounding the image of the woman is a quote in bubble letters that reads, “How can one move forward if they are always looking back.”]