Wolves by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

Wolves by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

Artist bio: Hyung-Rae also known as TR is famous for his incredible paintings on leaves that fly across the fences into his reach. He calls them his contraband series. You can read more about TR on Let’s Get Free’s Prison Advisors page. TR is among the over 5,400 sentenced to die in PA’s prison with a Life Without Parole sentence.

TR has an Instagram page: @toddhyungraetarselli

Medium: acrylic on a leaf  

Size: 10 x 11

Image Description: This is a very detailed acrylic painting on a very large leaf. The background is dark with trees, and there are four wolves in different positions, standing on rocks, facing towards you but peering into the distance.