Young Kenyan Woman of the Maasai Tribe by Dominic Newsome

Young Kenyan Woman of the Maasai Tribe by Dominic Newsome

Medium: pen

Size: 12 x 13

Artist Bio: I’ve been locked away since Jan 1st 1990 in the state of Maryland, and transferred to PA in Nov 2000 due to a riot in the MD DOC that I started in 1997. And the PA DOC held me in “the hole” or RHU from Nov 2000 til 2018. So I never had REAL art supplies to work with, only a jail issued pencil and ink pen, so I learned how to use basic tools and combine the pencil and pen as one, and you’ll see the results. I do not have financial support because I’ve outlived just about everyone. If I win anything, it’ll go toward buying real art supplies. Enclosed is Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Sitting Bull, and Black Panther. I chose these “freedom fighters” because they are symbols for the belief of justice and freedom for all oppressed peoples. 

January 1990 was when my freedom was lost and I chose to become one of the most violent prisoners in the history of the state of Maryland. So due to a prison riot and convictions of trying to murder a couple of prison guards, I was sent to the PA DOC from the MD Supermax on November 2000, and only got released from the RHU from general pop around July 2019. So I control my violent urges with my artwork, the amount of detail I use in my art forces me to remain calm and complete the task at hand. I’ve lost time working on my art skills through practice, because I was so caught up trying to destroy anyone and everyone in my path. Never again.

Image description: A pen drawing depicting a Young Kenyan Woman of the Maasai Tribe. She has a rich brown complexion and is drawn against a dark background. We see only her upper body, and she is wearing robes of royal blue that partially cover her head and neck. She also wears gold colored hanging earrings, and layers of multi-colored beaded necklaces in the Kenyan tradition.