Daughters Issue 1 – Resources & Further Reading

Menopause & healthcare for women in prison Menopause: Tips for a Healthy Transition (National Institutes of Health) From the North American Menopause Society: How do I know when I’m in menopause? Expert answers to frequently asked questions about menopause Inequality in Prison: A psychologist looks at ways to reduce recidivism among women by understanding genderContinue reading “Daughters Issue 1 – Resources & Further Reading”

Daughters Magazine Issue 1: Message from the Editor

God bless you everyone!  Hello, my name is Sarita Miller. I’m so humbled that you are reading our very first issue of Daughters, and when I say ours I mean every incarcerated woman who is enduring the hardships and the oppression of being imprisoned. Whether it be the brig of our minds or our bodies held inContinue reading “Daughters Magazine Issue 1: Message from the Editor”